Sunday, July 28, 2013

Wifi mobile phones - A new face of internet connectivity

The mobile Internet is a popular service that mobile phones that offer their users. Previously, users can only access the Internet from your mobile phone through GPRS or by contacting their mobile phones with their own laptops or personal computers and the use of mobile Internet on their laptops and PCs. But things have changed now, and cellular phones with Wi-Fi feature is now the ruler of the mobile Internet. He admitted Wi-Fi technology and one of the fastest way to access the Internet, which has already been adopted by ordinary users, and now with the beginning of mobile phones with Wi-Fi things are getting bigger and better.

Wi-Fi mobile phones are not only popular among businessmen who use their office or to the home Wi-Fi Internet on their mobile phones, but also among young people who are saving a lot of money through the Internet using Wi-Fi, schools and shelters over the phone. Wi-Fi technology as we know it today was invented by the IEEE in 1997. At the age of its starting, Wi-Fi technology is used only in the offices of large companies and houses government because of the cost and logistics required However, as the days went by, and reduce logistics costs, and it takes very little time for Wi-Fi to get into the hands of ordinary people.

Today almost all smart phones that carry features WIFI them and it is not uncommon to see people access to the Internet cafe Wi-Fi while sitting, and after a warmer day. There was a time when people can not find anywhere that offers social Wi-Fi At the moment people do not find any place that is not connected to the Internet with Wi-Fi. Is based on Wi-Fi connectivity and speed entirely on the models of mobile phones. Such as camera and GPRS, and Wi-Fi phones comes also with different versions, and the latest version is faster than the speed.

See the popularity of mobile phones Wi-Fi, has been an increase in the supply and demand for mobile phones Wi-Fi is a good thing that people have more options to choose from, however, also come with side effects for people who are not able to govern properly. Therefore, to help these users, and view the comparison sites mobile phones separate section which displays and compare between different Wi-Fi mobile phones on different criteria.

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