Saturday, August 3, 2013

Computer Forensics Certification

In order to become a professional computer forensics expert you need to first get a computer forensics certification. This is because the law requires that one must be a certified and recognized expert in order to have their forensic findings accepted during legal proceedings. In order to pass the certification requirements, you have to make sure that you have all the necessary knowledge and skills. These skills and knowledge can be acquired through training.
You can get training from schools who offer special courses that cover all aspects of a computer forensic expert. The curriculum is a very well rounded one that covers not only all the technical aspects of computer forensics, but also the non technical side as well. This is because the job not all about tinkering with various electronic and digital devices, it is also about working with other law enforcement personnel and properly processing evidence in order to be viable for use in legal proceedings.
The technical aspect of training focuses on how to locate, identify and extract data from a variety of digital devices and sources. The aspiring computer forensic expert is taught a variety of methods and skills that he could use to extract data from all forms of electronic sources. They can be able to extract data for evidence even from encrypted sources, supposedly deleted files and even on intentionally damaged hard drives. These technical skills are balanced with training on the proper protocol of working with other law enforcement officers in securing and processing a crime scene, properly processing evidence, the ethical aspect of forensics, as well as all the laws that pertain to the job of a computer forensics expert. Processing the evidences should be done exactly by the book as the courts are very strict regarding this particular protocol. Even the smallest deviation from proper protocol can compromise the viability of evidence to be accepted at court.
Once completing your degree, you can get certification from a variety of international certifying bodies. You can become one of the GCFA certified individuals certified by the Global Information Assurance Certification organization. GCFA means GIAC Certified Forensic Analyst. This is one of the most coveted certifications in the computer forensics field as there are only currently 2100 GCFA individuals in the world. There are also other certifying organizations. In order to get the right one, you should first research on which certifications are accepted and accredited by your government.

Not all computer forensics certification are equal. It is very important to only get the ones that are certified by the justice department of the government you plan to work in. No matter how prestigious a certifying body may be, if they are not accredited by the government, your certification from that body may not be accepted. 

Friday, August 2, 2013

MS SQL Server Hosting Benefits

MS SQL Server is a software application that provides management services advanced relational databases for companies. Some of the key points that are part of the proposed enterprise resource planning (ERP) is useful and can be given as follows:

Provides a complete solution for data extraction of data to analyze the data

Greetings to existing applications stored on the host server

Provides complete security of Records

Provides protection against frequent landing

Makes hosting services more efficient

Allocates computing resources evenly

Provides a complete solution for data extraction of data to analyze the data

Brought MS SQL server produced by Microsoft limitless possibilities for the solutions available today for entrepreneurs business nights. Has been the subject of this database server level Microsoft Corporation many changes in recent years to evolve into its current form. Usually, a small institution or ultrafine have to face the challenges in the field of application and the lack of clarity in the regulatory and professional maneuver. Because raw data or records of a nonresident, the company has difficulties in measuring the pace. Similarly, it is difficult to track the progress of the Working Group on the project and the details of the case manager or official control of the entire project.

In today s world the volume of data is accumulated by leaps and bounds and efficient management has become a major challenge for companies. The company has to search through large data in search of specific information. This task, which is also known as data mining is a difficult and time consuming. MS SQL Server is helpful in data mining for registration. SQL Server meets the needs of multiple users. Assign available resources among users without compromising the efficiency of the devices.

Provides complete security of Records

In many cases, the information security or certain resources are also at risk. Corporate security for all various types of data such as audio, video or graphics is very important. For beginners or entrepreneurs security of data can be critical and the data stored in other applications of MS SQL Server at all, and security can be breached with a little effort. The person who wants to access or copy the contents of the databases just go from the hard drive. Once I got on arrival, and all data can be easily copied.

However, SQL Server security can be provided at three different levels. A level in the operating system level, and the second is at the database level and the third level is the file-level security. The user can prevent unauthorized access to all three levels. Even after access is not easy for the defaulters to copy the data and copy the data can also be restricted. This service is not available in other software applications as available in SQL Server.

SQL server ranks high over other applications because of its reliability and high security features also. It provides users with the flexibility to encrypt certain data, whole database or log files as desired. It also provides users the option to set policies that relate in some way to the data. Company User can select the type of access granted to the members of his team, and the granting of permission to photocopy or reproduce user data, etc. hinted in violation of these policies by the hosting provider. The user can also restrict team members selecting the actions to be taken in violation of policy.

Greetings to existing applications stored on the host server

The benefits of SQL Server can be used efficiently with the help of a third party hosting. This application can be installed on a server run and hosted by hosting providers. These providers set the security level to be confident users of these applications. Services intends to install and use SQL Server also good at the expense of other services offered by hosting providers. Provide complete computer services, such as basic repeat advanced applications, operating systems, hard drives, memory, etc., are all run by the service providers.

A user only needs a basic computer with an Internet connection and the rest of everything from hardware to software necessary, and offer everything from before hosting provider. With a minimum investment of monthly or annual subscription, the user is presented to support computer loaded with the latest features and hardware. One can purchase the application service providers and ask for the applications installed on the host server. The space allocated to store user data, is almost limitless. When SQL Server is installed on the host server, it becomes easy for the application to retrieve, analyze and organize a response to some of the records or data stored on the hard drive.

Provides protection against frequent landing

Usually a multi-user server is the danger of hanging or collapsed during execution of the application process. SQL Server protects users from such incidents by organizing the supply of resources for the contract that there is an excess demand for data. Although the list kept for that contract demand can be a little slow, but not crash and this is one of the great features of SQL Server. And the hassle of simultaneous use of the same data in two or more users.

Makes hosting services more efficient

In addition to safety there is a large volume of data that is accessed, identified and arranged in many ways to deduce certain results or to reach a particular conclusion. SQL Server Application is a great tool to convert small and medium enterprises to an effective institution.

Now more and more users are becoming MS SQL server, making it the best choice for businesses. This is simply because the user community of this server is very clever and can find a solution to infiltrate through any online community, such as. In addition to online communities, Microsoft also provides free training courses on the use of these servers.

Allocates computing resources evenly

It also offers buffers management functions of MS SQL in the list is stored in high demand records in the buffer (known as cache). Application server hosting, along with other applications on the server hosting provided by a hosting service provider is useful for the user in many ways. We also offer superior accommodation providers cache that makes it easier to store a good amount of records in the cache rather than stored on hard drives. Access to these records is relatively less time.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Putting KVM Switches In Your Data Center

As your business grows you realize you have to process data faster in order to give customers all the information they need in a timely manner. This necessity often forces the company to get more computers and servers, but they occupy more space available to the Company and also negatively affect your current template. It should be for all these complications to inform the direction of the need for more investments to manage additional infrastructure better. There is a centralized system for the management of this framework, it is full is the best option for this scenario, and fortunately such a solution exists in the KVM KVM stands for keyboard, video and mouse.

With the KVM switch you can expect to achieve monetary savings because you will not have to purchase separate systems to monitor, mouse and keyboard to each computer or network server. These can be grouped also results in savings of space, because with the KVM switch from one screen, mouse and keyboard, as well as all the servers in a single rack. As today's business trends so that more people are choosing to buy their products over the Internet and companies that are demanding to get information faster and in the right format, and KVM switches are quickly becoming an integral part of the Ministry of effective management.

There are several ways by which connect the KVM switch all the teams we have in place. One of them is the use of CAT5 or CAT6 twisted pair cables, and are suitable for the control of teams of up to 40 meters. IP based KVM switches recently introduced the ability to allow officials to interact with remote servers through the Internet. Other keys have USB capability, which means that communication is now easier and faster. In the video we use the dongle connector DVI-D/VGA, and also can be a per KB or MS db-15VGA/USB. KVM switches are very effective in size, compactness of transformation images with up to 32 ports and occupies only 1U rack space.

These keys are also easy to use where you can just press the buttons on the screen of the KVM switch from one server to another. KVM switches and buttons can be summarized in this way can be easily identified any server that works. More respectable keys offer the option on their menus shine on-screen display, and also allow the creation of user profiles and groups of keys OSD.

May be more space to be preserved with the use of keyboards rack with TFT or LED screens instead of CRT monitors. TFT and / or LED screens can also offer capabilities touch screen, and will be an added advantage

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Time to step up to a full service VPS hosting option?

For the person who fed inadequate overall performance of your shared web server, but is not yet able to upgrade to a dedicated server expensive than the most appropriate option available to you will be a virtual private server (VPS).

Two main forms of VPS solutions managed and unmanaged VPS services. VPS managed hosting services are similar in many aspects of hosting that is shared. You will receive qualified professionals who will take care of any problems with your hosting server, which can develop.

Managed Hosting VPS servers are the most useful way to go if you are not tech savvy or do not have staff available to answer any technical concerns arise with the host. You can also decide Managed Hosting If you are a business owner who just wants to focus on running your business rather than worry about whether the server works to help you reach your customers and use. You can sleep well at night knowing that your website is in good hands.

Most good managed VPS hosting providers to ensure access to support 24/7, you should quickly in an attempt to deal with any complications with hosting your own web server or if you want to add a new email account or the domains on the server. You may put in a request is usually simple, and these will be taken good care.

A large company is Tecsys that made virtual offices available in India and among its services.

It will be managed VPS hosting services mean that you are responsible for caring for your Windows or Linux server. Managed Servers tend to be used by companies that have either the knowledge that owners of very technical and can fix any problems that may arise or hire staff who are able to deal with the problems on behalf of the company.

Although managed VPS hosting is much less of Managed Hosting, simply because you do not pay for support with that, you have to ensure that you will be able to take care of the technical problems that arise, or you might find yourself with any online course site for hours or even days late, which ultimately means that you end up paying much more lost business opportunities than you have used a managed VPS hosting account.

If you are ready to take your online business to a higher level, then you should consider an upgrade to a shared server to VPS hosting account that is comfortable to take care of yourself or choose to have a managed hosting company for you.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Make Your Website More Panda Friendly

It has raised the recent Google Panda update bar not only for SEO experts but also for web designers. To become increasingly difficult to organize well, and this means that you really have to pay attention to all the factors of design and Google ranking. When we do this, search engines rewards us because we reward our audience and provide them with the information and experience they are seeking. The following points will help you make the website panda proof: -

1.Content is the key to the solution: Panda algorithm update emphasizes providing guarantees only on sites with unique and useful content. This will help users find the best content relevant to their search. If you provide the Web page content that is unique, relevant, high quality and preferably 1000 + words, is likely to be rewarded for your site with improved rankings and thus increase traffic.

2.Above times design: reducing the images of his head, and removing header banner images and pay more than what is contained in the top of your website with the help pandas.

3.Web pages Indexing: There will be a site with over 100 pages on the Internet and maximum pages indexed by Google as location and friendly panda.

4.Page matched: the page rank remains one of the most important factors. The site became independent of the perception of the quality / authority / credibility of individual Web page Google. Not depend on any particular search phrase. Google announces Comfortable This number 0-10 (10 is best).

5.Check Register your domain: domain registration for five years helps to strengthen the authority of points. This is a small tip, but every little bit helps.

6.Webmaster Tools: Allows webmasters to get a better idea of ​​what is believed to Google for their websites, and how Google sees Spider for them, and what improvements can be made.

Press Directory 7.Social: Google Panda takes seriously and content that is loved by social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook gets better position in the search engine trends and social media.

8.Optimize to speed download time: Avoid flash, background images in one place. Google tends to favor sites that are fast, fast, fast.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Wifi mobile phones - A new face of internet connectivity

The mobile Internet is a popular service that mobile phones that offer their users. Previously, users can only access the Internet from your mobile phone through GPRS or by contacting their mobile phones with their own laptops or personal computers and the use of mobile Internet on their laptops and PCs. But things have changed now, and cellular phones with Wi-Fi feature is now the ruler of the mobile Internet. He admitted Wi-Fi technology and one of the fastest way to access the Internet, which has already been adopted by ordinary users, and now with the beginning of mobile phones with Wi-Fi things are getting bigger and better.

Wi-Fi mobile phones are not only popular among businessmen who use their office or to the home Wi-Fi Internet on their mobile phones, but also among young people who are saving a lot of money through the Internet using Wi-Fi, schools and shelters over the phone. Wi-Fi technology as we know it today was invented by the IEEE in 1997. At the age of its starting, Wi-Fi technology is used only in the offices of large companies and houses government because of the cost and logistics required However, as the days went by, and reduce logistics costs, and it takes very little time for Wi-Fi to get into the hands of ordinary people.

Today almost all smart phones that carry features WIFI them and it is not uncommon to see people access to the Internet cafe Wi-Fi while sitting, and after a warmer day. There was a time when people can not find anywhere that offers social Wi-Fi At the moment people do not find any place that is not connected to the Internet with Wi-Fi. Is based on Wi-Fi connectivity and speed entirely on the models of mobile phones. Such as camera and GPRS, and Wi-Fi phones comes also with different versions, and the latest version is faster than the speed.

See the popularity of mobile phones Wi-Fi, has been an increase in the supply and demand for mobile phones Wi-Fi is a good thing that people have more options to choose from, however, also come with side effects for people who are not able to govern properly. Therefore, to help these users, and view the comparison sites mobile phones separate section which displays and compare between different Wi-Fi mobile phones on different criteria.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Tips for selecting the best battery charger

The choice of a good battery charger is not very easy. Sometimes, this can be very confusing and complicated task. Search through the Internet, and you will find many companies offering a variety of battery chargers. To make a good selection of different options available in the market, first try to find out their priorities. The battery chargers can be purchased for different purposes such as for personal use, business use, the vehicle or for any other purpose. Several factors play an important role in the selection of the load, and the number of times you are going to use the charger on a daily basis, what is your budget and how long you can stay in charge?

The budget could also play an important role in choosing the right battery charger. Detailed investigation of the different companies offering different prices chargers can help you choose the right product for you. Do not buy the cheapest product on the market, as it may involve the use of low quality materials, while the most expensive product does not guarantee the best quality. A good option might be to use an average price of the product as it does not affect the quality and budget. Do not ask questions about this product, if you are not convinced and are looking for a clearance sale in the electronic shop. Settlement can help you get quality products at much cheaper prices.

The amount of time it takes the charger to recharge the battery also affects the price. While some chargers take only a few minutes to charge the battery, and there are other people who may have even hours. Therefore, the rechargeable battery is a much better option if your charger takes a lot of time to load. Rechargeable batteries great for beginners, and uninterruptible power supplies, light vehicles (such as motorized wheelchairs, golf carts, electric bicycles, and electric forklifts) tools and portable consumer devices. They offer less, the total cost of the same will help you save a lot of money. However, it may appear expensive rechargeable battery in the beginning, but can be recharged very easily and used repeatedly. This covers the cost.

One of the best uses of rechargeable batteries is visible in cameras. The camera battery make the rechargeable camera work is very easy. Many of you may remember the good old days the cameras were working in cells. They really complicated sometimes when the battery is reduced while clicking on the image. Modern digital cameras use batteries, rechargeable camera that is reliable and more. Can be loaded at any time and take photos, recording camera handy is very easy, even for kids.

Therefore, taking into account all the parameters into account before deciding on the charger. Good battery charger always comes with a warranty period. So, never forget to check on the warranty period before finalizing the deal. We'll keep all these tips in mind will definitely help you in choosing the best products in the budget.