Thursday, August 1, 2013

Putting KVM Switches In Your Data Center

As your business grows you realize you have to process data faster in order to give customers all the information they need in a timely manner. This necessity often forces the company to get more computers and servers, but they occupy more space available to the Company and also negatively affect your current template. It should be for all these complications to inform the direction of the need for more investments to manage additional infrastructure better. There is a centralized system for the management of this framework, it is full is the best option for this scenario, and fortunately such a solution exists in the KVM KVM stands for keyboard, video and mouse.

With the KVM switch you can expect to achieve monetary savings because you will not have to purchase separate systems to monitor, mouse and keyboard to each computer or network server. These can be grouped also results in savings of space, because with the KVM switch from one screen, mouse and keyboard, as well as all the servers in a single rack. As today's business trends so that more people are choosing to buy their products over the Internet and companies that are demanding to get information faster and in the right format, and KVM switches are quickly becoming an integral part of the Ministry of effective management.

There are several ways by which connect the KVM switch all the teams we have in place. One of them is the use of CAT5 or CAT6 twisted pair cables, and are suitable for the control of teams of up to 40 meters. IP based KVM switches recently introduced the ability to allow officials to interact with remote servers through the Internet. Other keys have USB capability, which means that communication is now easier and faster. In the video we use the dongle connector DVI-D/VGA, and also can be a per KB or MS db-15VGA/USB. KVM switches are very effective in size, compactness of transformation images with up to 32 ports and occupies only 1U rack space.

These keys are also easy to use where you can just press the buttons on the screen of the KVM switch from one server to another. KVM switches and buttons can be summarized in this way can be easily identified any server that works. More respectable keys offer the option on their menus shine on-screen display, and also allow the creation of user profiles and groups of keys OSD.

May be more space to be preserved with the use of keyboards rack with TFT or LED screens instead of CRT monitors. TFT and / or LED screens can also offer capabilities touch screen, and will be an added advantage

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