Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How to Level Up Quickly in WoW

What is the key to how to level up quickly in WoW?
Honestly there are several things you can do to ensure you are able to level a character in the shortest time possible and these days just 3-4 days played time should be a reasonable expectation if you are doing the right things.
With the introduction of guild achievement awhile ago, Blizzard made joining a guild with leveling perks a must for anyone looking to power level characters. Most people will immediately look for a level 25 guild as soon as they create a new character because they know they will get an immediate experience boost from questing.
Questing vs. Battlegrounds vs. Running Dungeons
There has been a long running debate over the fastest way to level in WoW when it comes to questing, battlegrounds and running dungeons.
I have leveled dozens of characters and tried all three methods several times as well as a combination of them.
Battlegrounds are great when you are able to get into the weekly Call To Arms and you are winning. Regular BGs and losing drop your experience per hour to one of the lowest rates.
Running dungeons is a great way to get gear while you level pretty fast. The problem with dungeons is the wait time to get into one and if you get into bad groups your experience per hour can actually be pretty bad.
Questing was set up by Blizzard as their preferred method for players to level because it will immerse you into the various story lines in the game and allow you to experience everything the game has to offer.
It is the very best experience per hour of any leveling method although many players get burned out on questing as it becomes kind of a grind.
I prefer to use a combination of questing and running dungeons because I can quest while I wait to get into a dungeon and I have a chance to get some very nice blue gear upgrades while doing a dungeon.
This also makes sure you are simply not sitting waiting for a dungeon to pop up which lowers your experience per hour because you are not doing anything to gain experience.
Having as much bag space as possible will increase your leveling rate because you can go longer without having to find places to sell items and clear out bag space. You should never just leave loot sitting on the ground as pretty much everything you pick up can be sold for in game currency.
I use a good in game WoW Quest Addon WoW Quest Addon to power level through questing while I wait for dungeons to maximize my playing time.
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